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If you are looking for a specialty item that's hard to find, and are tired of the supermarket telling you they've sold out, you have finally found the perfect place! We are well known throughout New England for having all the items that can never be found anywhere else.

• Cow feet

• Cassava leaves

• Frog legs

• Oxtails

• Cod fish

• Pork tails

"You get the individual attention and there are enough butchers to take care of everyone. They were professional, the butcher who helped me knew what I wanted and what I didn't want"

- Victor from Warwick

If you need a specialty item and do not see it in our store, ask and we can get it for you. From domestic oxtails to smoked meats, our unique inventory will surely impress you.

At Joe's Meat Market you'll find the quality items that can't be found in a typical grocery store. Whether you're looking for an exotic cut that reminds you of your family’s traditions, or just want to develop your palate into unique flavors, we've got exactly what you need.

Depend on the team with over 20 years of experience


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